The liturgical habit is a task – Milan

The liturgical habit is a task – Milan

The traveling exhibition The liturgical habit is a task will be set up in the San Raffaele Church in Milan from 31st October to 27th November.

The aim of the exhibition is to undertake all the stages of evolution of the chasuble.
It will be possible to admire chasubles from the 30s of the XIXth Century, few decades before the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) reintroduced their use after years of Roman chasubles. The exhibition goes on with works from the 50s and 60s, with examples of remarkable craftsmanship.
The whole itinerary starts from the original Medieval chasubles, passes through the Borromaic one and arrives at contemporary reinterpretations designed by artists and architects.

It is God who, when he calls to himself a believer to confer him with a mission or a service, he also gives him a habit, a sacred vestment […]. The habit should communicate the identity of the one who wears it […]. 

Enzo Bianchi’s words focus clearly on the goal of the exhibition. Today’s lack of guide lines, we’re witnesses of either subjective re-working of past elaborations or new interpretations which don’t follow the Council’s directives of Nobile Semplicitas.

The artists that took part in the exhibitions are:

  • Luca Cavalca, sculptor
  • Marcella Gabbiani, architect
  • Camilla Marinoni, artist
  • Filippo Rossi, artist
  • Tazuko Saitoh. weaver