San Giovanni Rotondo, Saint Pio da Pietralcina Crypt

The Sanctuary that treasures the relics of Padre Pio has been designed by the architect Renzo Piano and adorned by Padre Rupnik mosaics.

The Crypt, with its magnificent mosaics, inspired us to create a tailored chasuble. Among all the gold two are the colours that stand out the most: red and blue.

The project


A golden chasuble – just like the ceiling of the crypt – and a mosaic orphrey in gold, red and blue silk. That’s how we reinvented the elements Padre Rupnik put on the walls of the Sanctuary.



The chasuble


Name: Mosaic

Title: MOS07O

Description: Silk mosaic in three colours: red, gold and blue – designed for the Crypt of the San Pio da Pietralcina Sanctuary. Handwoven silk chasuble with silk orphrey.