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Piviale fabric cotton/ viscose/ lurex red. Stolons and shield made with gold embroidery on a blue background and gold trimmings. Studs applied entirely by hand.

Custom project for the church of Saint Basso

Delivery time: 60 days


Church of Saint Basso

Liturgical set composed by:

  • Cope

Mantle in cotton/viscose/lurex red fabric. Stolons and shield composed of gold embroidery on a blue background, and gold trimmings decorated with studs applied entirely by hand

he realization of this cope comes from a painting by Vittore Crivelli, “Madonna with Child with San Basso and San Sebastiano” dated 1475-1499. The painting today is exposed in Cupra Marittima, in the church named to the patron saint of the city, San Basso.

The idea was to reproduce as faithfully as possible the piviale worn by the saint, recreating specifically the numerous decorations on the stolons of the board