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The project

Set at the center of the town, the Cathedral of Nola stands on an antique Roman domus and we have evidence of its Episcopate that date the end of the Xth Century. The Church has been built arount Saint Felice’s crypt.

The Cathedral of Nola has been renewed several times throughout the centuries until it disappeared in an arson in 1861.

The New Cathedral has been inaugurated in 1909.

Liturgical set composed by:

  • Celebrant chasuble
  • Mitre
  • Altar cloth

Dedicated to the Cathedral of Nola, the embroidered orphreys show the geometric motif of the coffered wooden ceiling. Every orphrey host enameled metal panels that recall the ancient decorations of the precious 14th Century mitre in the Diocesan Museum Collection.

On the chest, a panel depicts Saint Felix the bishop and martyr, as portrayed in a medieval illuminated codex.


The embroidered stolons shows the geometric pattern of the wooden coffered ceiling and inside there is a enamelled metal panel that recalls the ancient decorations of the precious miter of the 14th century.  Finally the portrait of the bishop and martyr Saint Felix is applied on the chest in medieval illuminated code style.


Golden embroidery on fabric and manual application of enamelled tiles and studs.

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