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Intervention of conservationist restoration of a dress of a wooden sculpture depicting “Madonna and Child” of the XVIII century.

The artefact, made of beige silk gros de Tours, is in a precarious state of preservation, due to the way of storage and its use

In particular, the mechanical and environmental stresses activated during the periods of exposure and use, have caused different phenomena of physical and mechanical degradation on silk already weakened by time. 

Restoration phases:

  • Disassembly of the artwork
  • Micro suction at controlled speed
  • Cleaning of embroidery and background fabric
  • Vaporization
  • Consolidation


Partial disassembly of the package to facilitate safety and restoration operations.


Cleaning of metallic fabrics and yarns using neutral PH sponges and cotton balls with hydroalcoholic solutions


Spraying by cold water vapor to restore moisture to the fibers.


Positioning of local supports and technical points to make the necessary stops depending on the degradation, and veiling of degraded areas by application of micro-protective net.

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