Customisations, special projects and unique pieces.

Design, fabrics, cuts and embroidery: every place of worship has its own exclusive character. Atelier SIRIO is unique in its ability to perfectly adapt each creation to the desired spirit and style.

Beyond tailoring.
Art and aesthetics become the whispered music of the Christian message.

To us, beauty mustn’t disregard a sense of ethics, passion goes hand in hand with skill, and creativity is firmly rooted in masterful tradition.
The obsessive attention to detail and the perfect care for the trims and finishes make every creation by the atelier entirely unique. We consider our work in this field to be a privilege: each product arises from our maximum dedication, from the design to the selection of the textiles, from listening to our customers to precision in the most minute details.

Restoration and conservation of historical textiles

Our restoration and conservation workshop is perfectly able to meet the ever-growing need to protect and revitalise the rich heritage represented by the age-old art of textiles. Our indisputable experience in this area is rooted in having cared for pieces of various types and origins over the years, from private collections to objects protected by the Italian Superintendency of Arts and Historic Heritage.