With experience, passion and cutting-edge techniques, we restore the original splendour of precious textiles

Not just expert craftsmanship, but a true ability to trace the history of the most refined textile production, which is no less an ‘Art’ than other, more universally recognised forms of artistic expression.

From elaborate liturgical garments to the sacred vestments of past centuries, from precious and delicate holy accessories to large-scale works to be done on of any form of textile art dedicated to holiness, the liturgy and important celebrations, Atelier Sirio can overcome any challenge in the restoration of the original splendour of rare, delicate and invaluable textiles which were created and designed to bring grandeur to the Church and its Rites.

Patient embroidery and exquisite yarn, one-of-a-kind fabric and historical knowledge, skill, expertise and passionate dedication make our atelier a unique reference point for the restoration and recovery of precious textiles that have been handed down to you.