Located in Bergamo, Italy, a city known for its religiosity, Atelier Sirio has designed, sewn, embroidered, made, and restored devotional garments and other textile products since 1995.

Our mission is to make our creations unique by working, interacting and talking with artists, textile makers and industry professionals, supplying the products of our expertise to prestigious places of worship, in collaboration with the various liturgical offices of the diocese.

Today, our ever-vibrant curiosity and tireless desire to experiment take shape, based upon our unique and extensive experience. This ensures we constantly move forward, with the goal of reaching the ideal of perfection that has constituted our principle point of reference since day one.

A prestigious brand, a high-profile staff.

The art of Italian textiles is what shaped us. Each Atelier SIRIO garment is unique. Their design, choice of materials and fabrication are aimed at ensuring absolute quality, which is possible only when professional passion and maximum skill come together.

Faithful to the textile and artistic traditions of Italy, we treat each one of our creations like a work of art. Without, of course, forgetting an essential element: dialogue with the client, without which no finished product can truly be called excellent.

We work to make sure our products are distinguished by Beauty, Meaning, Art, Originality and Richness – spiritual first of all.


The sacred conveys the divine. And every sacred element has its voice.
Style, architecture, artwork and special devotion will be able to find affinity and coordinated significance in garments, both aesthetically and in terms of meaning.
The artistic production of the atelier, always pieces of high tailoring, is often expressed in the creation of unique garments that interact with their surroundings and acts of devotion, in perfect harmony with the client’s requests.

Restoration and conservation of historical textiles

Our restoration and conservation workshop is perfectly able to meet the ever-growing need to protect and revitalise the rich heritage represented by the age-old art of textiles.
Our indisputable experience in this area is rooted in having cared for pieces of various types and origins over the years, from private collections to objects protected by the Italian Superintendency of Arts and Historic Heritage.