28 May 2021

Chasuble. Interpretations – Torino

Museo Casa Don Bosco will host from Friday, June 11 to Sunday, August 1 the temporary exhibition “Chasuble. Interpretations”, realized in collaboration with Atelier Sirio

The name chasuble, as the theologian Isidore of Seville (560-636), means “small house“, an explanation that adapts to the typical shape of the garment that originally completely enveloped the wearer. The medieval chasuble marks the first stage of the artistic research path at the center of the exhibition. The modern patchwork technique wants to suggest the universality of the Church, built by the People of God formed by all the nations of the Earth.
a series of artists has made large and draping chasubles, revolutionizing the tradition of 1962. The chasuble in tapestry technique designed by P. Costantino Ruggeri dates back to 1958.

Starting from these milestones, the route continues with chasubles born from an artistic investigation that starts from the Flemish Renaissance, with the project of the architect Marcella Gabbiani inspired by L’Ascesa all’Empireo (in 1505-1515) by Hieronymus Bosch. It continues through the Viennese secession with Gustav Klimt and its golden backgrounds, through the expressionism of Vincent Van Gogh and his Starry Night (De sterrennacht, 1889) up to the abstract one of the Rothko Chapel (Rothko Chapel, 1971) by the homonymous artist and at De Stijl by the Dutchman Piet Mondrian with Composition n. 10 (pier and ocean) (Ocean and pier, 1915).

Free entry: Museo Casa Don Bosco, via Maria Ausiliatrice 32 – 10132 Torino (TO)

HOURS: Tuesday – Thursday: 9.30 -12.30 am / Wednesday – Friday: 3.00-6.00 pm / Saturday and Sunday: 9.30-12.30 am / 3.30-6.30 pm
Monday closed

For more informations: Museo Casa Don Bosco – Casula. Interpretazioni.