Casula. Interpretazioni – Torino

Casula. Interpretazioni – Torino

From Friday 11th June to Sunday 1 August Museo Casa Don Bosco will host the temporary exhibition Casula. Interpretazioni, curated in collaboration with Atelier Sirio.

The name chasuble has its origins in Isidoro from Siviglia (560-636), who tells us it means small house, meaning that fits the typical vest shape which originally wrapped completely who wore it. The medieval chasuble is the first step of the artistic research at the centre of the exhibition. The ancient fit meets the modern patchwork technique, which suggests the universality of the Church, built by the People of God, from all the Nations of the World.

Anticipating Vatican Council II (1962), a group of artists deigned wide vests, altering the vernacular of the time. In 1958 P. Costantino Ruggeri made a serie of modern tapestry weaved chasubles.

Starting from these milestones, the exhibition path goes on displaying chasubles designed by looking at Occidental art: from Flemish Renaissance, with architect Marcella Gabbiani’s project that was inspired by the Ascent of the Blessed (1505-1515) by Hieronymus Bosch, through the Vienna Secession with Gustav Klimt‘s golden backgrounds, the expressionism of Vincent Van Gogh and his Starry Night (1889) to get to the abstract one of the Rothko Chapel (1971) and to the De Stijl with Ocean and pier (1015) by Piet Mondrian.


Free admission c/o Museo Casa Don Bosco, via Maria Ausiliatrice 32 – 10132 Turin (TO)


OPENING HOURS: tue & thu: 9.30-12.30am / wed & fry: 3.00-8.00pm / sat & sun: 9.30-12.30am 3.30-6.30pm

Closed on Monday

More information: Museo Casa Don Bosco – Casula. Interpretazioni